How to Manage the Directory

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

The Directory, which is fully integrated into the Community Content Engine (CCE), represents one of the 3 core types of content (local businesses) needed to build a community-focused website. 

A directory is not only an opportunity to share local businesses but it's also so much more; it anchors critical community engagement and monetization features throughout your website (Community Sponsors, Contest Sponsors, Guides, etc.).

While a listing on your site will not / should not be a replacement for local businesses being on Yelp or Google Business Profile, it is designed to allow you, as a local publisher, to provide value to both your readers and advertisers by incorporating features like Directory Guides and Related Articles that allow you to leverage your expertise as a local curator and publisher to provide greater value.

Useful Resources:

To get started, you can add a new business by going to New > Business or Manage existing listings at Manage > Businesses.

Directory Options

There are several options to choose from:

  • Hide All Unclaimed Listings - Not Recommend
  • Hide All Free (Express) Listings - Not Recommended
  • Hide All Permanently Closed Listings (We recommend keeping Permanently Closed businesses as a reference)
  • Hide Search Bar - Removes the Search Option from the directory
  • Only Show Guides - Hides the standard search results feed leaving just a grid of Guides on the main directory page
  • Randomize Display of Upgraded Listings in the Featured Listings Section of the Directory

To enable or disable any of these settings, go to Settings > General and click on the Layouts Tab and then scroll down to the Directory Section.

Can't edit a listing in the administrative interface?
We've limited editing to upgraded listings to reduce the potential of accidentally changing a listing by mistake. Publishers can edit a listing if:

  • There is missing info
  • They are the site where the business was initially created
  • They are an authorized publisher
  • Any publisher/site-specific field including the Hero, Publisher Welcome Message, Video, Owners Welcome Message, Additional Info/Meta Data, PDF Downloads, and Related Links

If you don't have access to edit a particle field, you can request a change by clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner of the edit listing screen or by emailing [email protected].

Need to hide the address for home-based businesses or for other reasons?

Addresses are required for Geocoding the business however the address can be hidden by editing the listing.

Need to merge a duplicate listing?

Sometimes people create duplicates when they forget they already had a listing or perhaps a business has two owners and both create a listing by mistake. In any case, if you need a listing merged request it by emailing [email protected] and include the URLs of the listings and the one listing that should remain and we can merge them for you.