How to control which businesses show in the directory (Approval Settings)

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

The directory is a key component within our Community Content Engine for local magazine and newspaper publishers and ads tremendous value to readers, advertisers and publishers.

By default, when a new listing is added it is queued for publisher approval. To approve new listings go to Manage > Businesses and click on the Pending Approval Tab.

You can choose to Approve it to add it to your directory or Reject it or Mark it as Spam. Rejected and spam listings will be reviewed by Locable and either Verified or removed completed from the shared database.

There are also 2 other options for deciding what gets approved and added to your directory.

  • Auto Approve All Verified Listings in Your Area based on Zip Code and Radius which will automatically approve any verified listings within your sites defined zip code and radius.
  • Auto Approve All Listings (Least Restrictive)

Go to Settings > General and click on the Feeds Tab to change these settings.