How To Setup Meta Data Fields for your Directory

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

Meta Data Fields can be used to add additional information to each business listing (e.g., pet friendly) and can also be used as a filter option in the directory.

Go to Settings > Meta Data Fields to and click New Field or Edit an existing Meta Data Field.


Label - This is the header that will be displayed to users.

Options -  If you want to allow a finite number of options, you can add those options here or you can leave blank to make it a write-in.

Searchable - Makes it appear as a filter option in the directory. Leave unchecked to only have it as an option on the listing profile.

Make Public - Allow users to select an option or write-in a value. Private Meta Data Fields are useful for adding additional information in Guides and other packages.

Once created, you can edit Meta Data (referred to as Additional Information) on each listing as shown below. Those with the striped background are marked as private and are only seen by admins.

Meta Data is included on each profile page as follows.

Searchable Meta Data Fields will be displayed in the directory search filters as shown below.