How to Manage the Sidebar

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

Managing the sidebar on your site is fast and easy. Everything, including ads, can be configured and arranged to match your preference.

As an admin, simply click Manage > Sidebar.

It's important to understand what the different sidebar elements do. Here's a brief explanation:

Once you add an embed or static element you can add content to the element and you can always reorder or delete elements.

Reordering the Sidebar

Need to change how things appear? No problem, click the Reorder Sidebars button and then simply drag and drop to reorder.

Which type of sidebar element should I use?

When incorporating an ad, Facebook Likebox, email opt-in form or other embedded material use an embed field. Be sure to replace the placeholder content and DO NOT embed your digital edition in the sidebar, rather use our In This Issue approach which can also be repurposed if you have a video you'd like to call out.

When looking to add links, graphics with calls to action such as the In This Issue Approach, or other custom content you'll want to use a Static Element which doesn't require any understanding of code. Advanced User Note, should you want a very custom sidebar graphic you should use the Embed Field and custom build your presentation code.

In all cases, each sidebar element should only have 1 piece of content. Do not throw two embed codes in a single element for instance or your ability to manage and organize the sidebar will be significantly impaired.

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