How to Use the Community Calendar

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

The calendar is incredibly important in order for the site to become a great resource to the community, a venue for locals to promote events, and a LOT of SEO & Social media value to you.

As such, there are a few important concepts and conventions to understand about our calendar setup.

The calendar is located at, however, a preview of events is available prominently in the sidebar throughout the site. The calendar is meant to become the go-to event resource featuring every local event and primarily posted by your users/readers/advertisers.

Events can be added to your calendar in the following ways:

  1. You can add them
  2. Members/Users can add them - members can also edit or delete their own events
  3. Events can be pulled from Locable's nationwide database (see below)

The calendar sidebar serves a couple of core purposes

  1. highlight the importance of local events, 
  2. provide a prominent venue to highlight featured (often paid) events, 
  3. demonstrate value to the reader looking for events and get them to go to the calendar page where they can then use filtering tools to find what they're looking for and we can collect valuable insights into local behavior.

Events in your calendar can be exported for use in print so take a digital-first approach and require all events to be posted there first.

Events can be made Featured with a single click, this allows you to control what appears in the preview and prominently at the top of the /calendar page. Learn more about Featured Events

Events can be used in articles to improve content or quickly create listicles through our Content Snippet Tool and they're linked to local directory listings as local venues.

What events will appear in the calendar?

The calendar (and directory) are tied to Locable's nationwide database meaning all events Locable has are available on your site. Both calendar and directory default to a zipcode + radius to search for events. If either your zip code or default radius needs adjusting you can do so at Settings > General > Feeds.

How will events appear in the calendar sidebar?

If there are any featured events that will occur within your site's time horizon (generally 21 days or less for website speed reasons) those will appear by default. The user can then select to view events from a specific day for the coming week.

If there are no featured events during the time horizon then the system will show events for "Today" and if there are no events for today the system will show all events as "Upcoming Events" for the entirety of the set time horizon.

The goal is set to always have something to show and to show things that are as relevant and/or profitable for the publisher as possible. If you need to change the time horizon, you can do so at Settings > General > Feeds by changing the number in days under Event Time Window (in Days) for Sidebar Widget.