How do I Feature an Event?

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

Featured events are a great way to drive additional revenue and further curate content from your calendar - get to know how the Geography Based Calendar.

Featuring an Existing Event:

  1. Visit the event (when signed in as an admin) and click the Feature Event + graphic
    1. If the event is a recurring event, you have the option to feature all instances, many instances or even just one instance.
  2. That is all
  3. There may be a delay in the Featured Event appearing in the sidebar widget, we cache that to improve performance but it should appear shortly after featuring.

Note: if you're doing a level 2 or level 3 Featured Event you'll still need to write the article or run the social promotion.

Recurring Events

When you click to Feature a recurring event you'll see a modal that allows you to select all or specific instances to feature.

Run Multiple Sites or Looking for Out of Area Events?

Now any event in Locable's nationwide database can be set to be featured on your site. This also means that if you run multiple sites then any single event can be featured on more than one site - if you'd like.

Featuring a New Event:

  1. Have the person or business in charge of the event post a free calendar event through the website. They can access the calendar page directly at Make sure to replace with your website domain.
  2. Once added, login to your website and then go to Manage > Events.
  3. Click the green Feature on the right side of the event you'd like to feature and that's it. You will now see the event featured.

You can choose to go further by adding a Preview or Review article or even tie an event to a social promotion.