How to Insert Event Information into Articles with Content Snippets - Cross Linking Events & Articles

As a local content website, you know how important having a great calendar of events can be but it's not enough just to have a lot of events or other content, you want to show them off.

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A weekly preview of prominent, fun, irreverent or otherwise noteworthy events is a great way to build content & serious SEO value on your site while also providing great fodder for social media and email campaigns. 

You may occasionally want to write a dedicated preview of a special upcoming event or perhaps a review after an event. All of which are terrific.

Once you're ready to go it couldn't be easier:

Step 1 - Put your cursor where you want the content and click Insert Content Snippet

Step 2 - Select "type" of content (article, page, listing, or event) and you can select the *image size - thumbnail (default) or medium. Then start typing title (or words from title), the system will show potential matches for you to choose from.

*The image size in the examples in this article are thumbnail or you can choose "Medium" which will use a slightly larger image in the aspect ratio of the original image. It can be much more attractive with the right content.

Step 3 - Adjust inserted content as needed. For instance, recurring events will show the first instance of an event and thus you should update the date by hand to represent to current/appropriate event instance.

Step 4 - Finish formatting article and publish as you normally would.

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Want to drive revenue?

Making an event Featured shows it prominently in the calendar and in the sidebar calendar widget however you can sell and promote Featured Events with an Event Preview Article and, potentially, an Event Recap Article. Moreover, depending on the type of event, you can tie in a social promotion/giveaway.

Not only is this a high-value activity that you can monetize but it elevates social and search traffic even further on your site.