Understanding Broadstreet Terminology

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Here's how Broadstreet defines different terminology within their app:


Refers to an account for an individual publisher or site on Broadstreet. By default, we'll create one Broadstreet network per site although Publishers can choose to use one Broadstreet network for multiple sites if they'd like. Contact your community manager for more information.


Advertisers are just individual clients for which you want to place an advertisement and setup a campaign. You can also send regular reports to an advertiser or even bill them directly through Broadstreet by setting the preferences on the Edit Advertiser screen.


Advertisements refer to the actual ad you'd like to display. This is where you upload the creatives/images, set copy and provide the click through link as applicable to the different ad types.


A campaign is where you set the start and end dates and add keyword targeting (if applicable - read more about wheter or not you should use keyword targeting to limit where the ad is displayed). Note that if you want ads from the same advertiser to show on the same page (for example a Pushdown and a Sidebar advertisement) then you will need to create a separate campaign for each placement.


Placements are where you want the advertisement to actually show (i.e., Pushdown, Sidebar-1, Inline-1, etc.) as illustrated below. In order to make a placement you need to select both an advertisement and a zone.


Zones are a set of predefined placements which map to the different areas of the site. These should not be edited or changed.

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