How to Organize Contacts for Use with Express Email Newsletters™

Contact Lists enable you to save time by creating reusable groups of people in your CRM

Available for all paid plans on the Locable Marketing Platform

The information in your CRM can be useful for many things including sending email newsletters to your Contacts (people) and cross-promoting with your Local Connections™ which are made up of Companies & Causes (organizations).

To help you stay organized and speed up using Locable's Express Email Newsletter™ tool, you can create Contact Lists which are groups of people.

Creating Contact Lists 

To send newsletters to targeted groups of people, you will need to set up Contact lists. You can add Contact Lists by going to CRM > Contact Lists

If you send different types of content you may want a list for each type of interest, for example, Coupons and offers, Upcoming Events, etc.

Alternatively, you may want to set up Contact Lists based on the type of relationship, for example, customer, volunteer, member, etc.

Your Contact Lists can be public (giving the subscriber the option to choose which list they join), or they can be private. Many businesses will have a combination of public and private lists.

Once you have your lists, you can add Contacts to them.

Adding a Contact to Contact Lists

Once a contact is in your CRM, you can add them to specific Contact Lists you have created. To do this, you can open their contact record by clicking on their name in CRM > Contacts, and then selecting which Contact List(s) they should be included in:

You can add a contact to any public or hidden (private) Contact List you have created. A contact can be added to a Contact List whether or not they are a subscriber. However, if they have specifically unsubscribed, they will not be able to be added.

Using Contact Lists when Sending Express Email Newsletters™

Once your Contact Lists are created, you can use those Contact Lists when selecting the audience for individual Newsletters created. You can learn more about sending Newsletters here.