How to Manage the Homepage - Promoting & Pinning

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform


The homepage of your website is actually a feed of article content. As new content is added and promoted, the older content is 'bumped down' the page and a Load More Articles button appears. 

In general, most carousel options include the first three (3) articles with the subsequent articles appearing below.


NOTE: Articles must include a Main Image to appear in the carousel. If no main image is present it will still appear on the homepage but not in the carousel.

Promoting an Article

If you want an article to appear on the homepage, as an admin, simply go to Manage > Articles and then click the "Promote" button to promote the article.

Articles are shown on the homepage based on the promote date/time with the most recently promoted showing up at the top/first unless there are also Pinned articles. Publish date/time has no bearing on the homepage order.

Pinning an Article

A Pinned article is a special type of promoted article that appears at the top of the homepage carousel as though a "pin was pushed" in the article to keep it in place.

You can pin no more than 3 articles at a time to avoid the carousel being comprised entirely of Pinned Posts.

When you have Pinned articles, any other Promoted articles will appear after the pinned content.

When you're ready to remove a pin simply go to Manage > Articles and click Pin to remove it and then the article will adjust based on its promoted date/time.


NOTE: Do not un-Promote articles unless they were promoted by mistake. The system will automatically adjust the content on its own and you only need to continue Promoting new articles to keep the page current.


To learn more about managing the homepage, go to Understanding the Homepage.