How to Create Pages

Learn how to create and edit a page on your website.

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform


The Community Content Engine by Locable's Publisher Network was built to use a paint-by-numbers approach to publishing content. Once you have an administrative account you can get from any page to create or edit a page by using the admin links anchored to the bottom of the page.

Click New > Page to get started. Later, you can edit and manage existing pages and drafts by clicking Manage > Pages.

add page

From here you can add the content to your page:

create page

  1. Give your page a Title. This title should be clear and concise. This will also be used to generate the Permalink URL once the page is saved.
  2. Add text/content to the page. The description area includes a full text editor and will be where you add the 'meat' of the content to your page.
  3. You have the option to insert media (videos, digital editions, etc.) or widgets to the page.
  4. Our Form Builder allows you to create a form directly on the page. Here you can add form fields, identify who will receive form notifications, and direct users to a specific URL once they submit the form.
  5. Don't forget to Save the page once you're done. Be sure to click 'Publish' if you're ready for the page to be live.

Pages hold static content solely based on the information you add to it. It is not where you will add articles.

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