How to Configure and Change Site Categories

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

Every site contains Articles, Events and Directory Listings (mostly comprised of businesses) each of which should be categorized. On the initial site setup we help you configure these categories however you may want to make adjustments at some point.

Couple things to keep in mind before making any changes:

  • Article categories are shown on your main nav bar, don't add too many or they will wrap to a second row
  • When looking at article categories ensure the ones you choose will frequently have new content (including that provided by bloggers, they should be broad yet descriptive and narrow enough that people will know what to expect
  • When you remove a category the associated content may not be as easily discoverable and new categories won't have any content until it's added manually
  • You can create custom categories but do so with caution and ensure they're sufficiently broad that you'll have content weekly
  • NOTE: Categories should NOT match sections in print. They may on occasion if you have a section such as Community however generally print sections are too narrow and 'cute'
  • Topics allow you to highlight very specific content topics (learn more about topics)

With that, updating is easy for Site Admins simply click Settings, then Categories and navigate to the type of content categories you'd like to adjust - it defaults to Articles. Select and deselect categories as needed then click save.

Feature on Homepage

Making a category featured will show a feed of category content on your homepage. Categories will appear in groups of 3 (on desktop) and will highlight recent content in each featured category provided that content does NOT also already appear on the homepage i.e. no duplicate content will appear.

Once content on the homepage is bumped off by newer content then it will appear in Featured Category content. This is a great way to highlight slightly older content or content that may not have broad-base appeal but still be interesting within the category.

Learn more about Featured Categories & Topics