How to add Subscribers to Your CRM for use with Express Email Newsletters™

There are a few ways to create new Express Email Newsletter™ Subscribers

Available for all paid plans on the Locable Marketing Platform

You're ready to start sending your Email newsletters using Express and you want to build your Subscriber list.

Express is built to follow the Marketing 3-4-5™ Content Distribution approach where content lives on your website and you distribute it out via email (as well as to social media, through Local Connections™, etc).

You can send quick messages without selecting content but most of your newsletters should include blog posts (articles) and events. You can also include content from your Local Connections™ to amplify their efforts.

Adding Subscribers through a Subscribe Form

You can use the Locable Forms tool to create a double opt-in Subscribe Form. You can learn more about creating a Subscribe Form here.

Marking a Contact as a Subscriber

You can mark an existing contact as a subscriber by going to CRM > Contacts and clicking on the contact name to edit the contact record. Once viewing their record, you can mark them as a subscriber by clicking the 'Subscribe & Send Double Opt-in Email'.

The contact will receive an email to confirm their subscription to your newsletter. 

NOTE: If you do not want the contact to receive the confirmation email, you can click the yellow 'Subscribe' button. This will give you a warning to confirm you want to subscribe them without their permission.


You will be able to see your subscribers when viewing Contacts in the CRM. Once a contact has been marked as a Subscriber, it is noted in the CRM. It is also noted if they have chosen to unsubscribe by clicking the link in any email they receive from your Locable account.