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How to Add New Contacts to Your CRM

Manage the database of people who interact with your website

Available for all plans on the Locable Marketing Platform

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) database is designed to help you organize and manage the various Companies & Causes you support, such as businesses, nonprofits, clubs, and other organizations.

Additionally, the CRM tool enables you to keep track of Contacts. Your Contacts may be associated with Companies & Causes in your CRM, leads, customers, volunteers, email subscribers, or any combination of these.

By building and maintaining your CRM, you can participate in cross-promotion with the Companies & Causes you support and stay connected with the Contacts who interact with your business. This can be highly beneficial for a range of purposes, such as sending email newsletters to your Contacts and leveraging your Local Connections™, which are comprised of the Companies & Causes in your network.

Contacts can be added to your Locable Contact Database in a few different ways:

  1. You add them manually.
  2. You import them in bulk - please reach out to Locable Support so we can assist you with a bulk import of contact data.
  3. Someone completes a Locable form on your website.
  4. Someone initiates a customer review from your review generation page.
  5. Someone opts into your email newsletter from a Locable subscribe form on your website.

NOTE: Contact records are unique based on the email address of a contact. If the email address already exists in the CRM, from a user completing a form or a review, you will want to click that contact record if you need to update the data. If the email address does not already exist, you will be able to add a new contact record.

Manually adding new Contacts

You can add a new contact to your CRM by going to CRM > Contacts and clicking 'Add a Contact'.

You can also click 'Add Contact' at the top of your Locable account. Here you can add all of the contact's details:

If the contact is associated with a Company in your CRM, you can select the Associated Company here to link the records in your CRM.

You will also be able to add the contact to any created Contact Lists, indicate the relationship type, request a review, and mark the contact as a subscriber.

Click 'Add Contact' once you've completed adding the details.

NOTE: Only an email address is required to create a new contact record.

Managing a Contact Record

Once a contact exists in your CRM, you can edit their details by going to CRM > Contacts and clicking on their name.

  1. All Contact data is visible and editable, if necessary.
  2. You can view any Associated Companies that exist in your CRM, or link the contact to a company.
  3. You can Request a Review using Locable's built-in Review tool.
  4. You can mark the contact as a Subscriber (for use in the Express Email Newsletter tool).
  5. You can view any Membership the contact is associated with (if your account uses our Membership Management tool).
  6. You can add notes to keep with the contact record.
  7. You can see any recent activity the contact has had with your website.
  8. You can see any events this contact has registered for on your website through Event Registration
  9. You can see any orders that have been placed on your website through the built-in Online Storefront.