How do I add embed codes to my articles or pages?

You may want to embed a video, digital edition, map, social media post, email opt-in form or anything else.

Adding an embed code to an article or page is simple, if you're looking to have an embed appear on ALL articles or events read about the Universal Embed.

Step 1 - Grab the embed code from the site, service, app, or social network you'd like to embed. Common places you'll grab embed codes from include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Issuu but there are an unlimited number of sites that allow you to embed their content as well.

Step 2 - Login to your site and select New > Article (or Page) from the main navigation at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, you can edit an existing article by going to Manage > Articles (or Pages) and selecting the article/page you'd like to edit.

Step 3 - At the bottom of the article (or page) page, you'll see a section for "Insert Media/Widget" as shown below. Click that button.

Step 4 - Lastly, paste the embed code you copied in step 1 where it says "Paste your embed code here (content width is 628px)" as shown below.

Step 5 - Add a caption (optional)

Step 6 - Complete the rest of the article/page and publish.

Tip: You can add multiple "sections", i.e. more than one Media/Widget section to an article to split things up or you can use one section for multiple embeds. It's largely up to you.