Understanding User Permissions

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform

Everyone who visits your site has a certain set of permissions based on the type of user they are. When a person creates an account with you they are technically creating a Locable account which gives them (member-level) permissions on any site in The Locable Publisher Network.

Guests are anonymous and can:

  • Read articles, events, business information etc
  • Share content to social media
  • Fill out forms you create like Contact Us

Members are the most common authenticated user type because every reader or business owner in your community will ideally become a member. Membership is free and self-service i.e. they can sign up on their own or can be invited by an admin.

It's important to note that we require users to confirm their email address i.e. We send them a confirmation email with a confirmation link link which they must click to confirm they are a real person.

As such. members can do everything Guests can plus:

  • Post events (as well as edit and delete their events)
  • Post comments on article
  • Participate in contests - vote or enter
  • Review a (business) listing
  • Create or claim a listing
  • Manage their email notification preferences
  • And more

All user types beyond Member require a Site Admin to create or promote their account.

Sales are accounts specifically useful for notifying salespeople that directory listings have been claimed as part of the listings-to-leads feature. They can do everything members can plus:

  • Create directory listings and invite business owners to manage their listing
  • Receive notifications of claimed directory listings

Columnists are recruited bloggers or writers who can do everything members can plus:

  • Post blog posts.

Editors can:

  • Create and edit articles and pages including those posted by others
  • Create and edit all events
  • Create and edit business information
  • Promote posts to the homepage
  • Make events featured
  • Edit and Feature photo galleries
  • Manage Community Sponsors
  • Manage Guides
  • Manage the sidebar
  • Create site modals
  • And more

Site Admins can do almost anything on the site related to creating, editing, deleting content or users including:

  • Invite new users and promote existing users
  • Manage Site Wide Settings & Design
  • Manage the Homepage Settings
  • Manage Categories and Tags
  • Export Data
  • And more

Note: It's important to note that Site Admins cannot edit or delete business information for Claimed or upgraded listings, we do this to avoid accidentally or inappropriately deleting an account. If something needs adjusting please submit a ticket.