How to Take Your Publisher Site Live

You're ready to take your new site live and with it move your online presence forward. Great!

Available on the Locable Publishing Platform


There are a couple of things you'll need to do and if you need assistance let us know. 

Please know that updating your DNS settings can take hours to fully take effect though often it's quite quick.

Preparing to Update DNS Settings

We need to make a minor adjustment in our software to accept requests from your domain and to allow Google to crawl the site so let us know when you're preparing to update your DNS settings. 

NOTE: When we make our change your temporary URL ( will no longer work and thus you won't be able to update your site until your domain resolves.

Recommended: Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs help improve site performance and while we use a CDN with our software you can add another layer. We recommend Cloudflare - they have a free service level which is quite useful and allows you to secure your site while speeding it up.

In addition to the performance benefits, they also have very good domain management capabilities so if your domain is managed by a provider with limited options this could be valuable.

Start by creating your Cloudflare account 

Visit, they'll walk you through a process and import in your current domain settings (it's like magic and takes about 1 minute).

Now, you need to update your domain Name Servers

Wherever your domain is registered (often GoDaddy, Name Cheap or Enom though we strongly recommend Google Domains) you need to change your name servers to use the two provided in your Cloudflare account - you will need to use both. We recommend you do this right away, site visitors won't see any change at this point but it will give you more control.

If you need help with anything, let us know. 

When you're ready to go live

First, see the note above about Preparing to Update DNS Settings

Updating your DNS Records

To start making changes, click the DNS option in the left navigation in your Cloudflare account:

Then you will need to create a new CNAME record by clicking 'Add record'


Add a CNAME record for www to point to  This record must be set to 'proxied', as you see in this image:

You will need to delete the CNAME for www (if it already exists) OR edit it to match what is shown above. 


Then the A record for @ can be edited or replaced. It needs to be pointed to "". This record also must be set to 'proxied', as you see in this image:


NOTE: if anything of the records shows "Points to @" you'll want to edit it to point to the IP address in the @ Value i.e instead of pointing at @ it'll point directly to the IP address - see below.


Creating a Page Rule

Now that the CNAME is added, we need to add a forward so if someone types in they actually end up at

To do this, click Rules > Page Rules in the left navigation:

Then click 'Create Page Rule'

  • In the URL field, add the domain without the www - add it as*
  • 'Pick a Setting' should be 'Forwarding URL', then Select Status Code should be '301'
  • Enter destination URL as '$1'
  • Click Save and Deploy Page Rule

Technically at this point, your site is live, though it may take a little time to update for you.

Now make the site secure!

To do this, click SSL in the left navigation:

Then you'll want to select the 'Full' option 

Then, click on Edge Certificates and scroll down to turn on the 'Always Use HTTPS' option. 

Then continue to scroll down to also enable 'Automatic Rewrites'.

Additional Recommended Settings

Security > Bots:

  • Click to enable Bot Fight Mode

Speed > Optimization > Content Optimization:

  • Click all 3 checkboxes in Auto Minify
  • Click to enable Rocket Loader

NOTE: These are important for SEO and required by our cloud hosting service. This must be set at the DNS level as there is no access or other similar file to redirect once the traffic hits our servers.

Caching > Tiered Cache:

  • Click to enable Smart Tiered Caching


Check your site by visiting (notice https not http), assuming it's resolving to our servers you'll see one of two options (if it's not resolving you just need to wait).

If you don't get the Secure view above it means something on your site is trying to load an image or content using http:// - the fastest option is to just ask us to look and we can make a quick fix.

You have completed the process!

With that, your domain will point to our servers and your new site will go live once all of the updated DNS has propagated globally. This can take some time, so be patient. 

Once the site is live you'll need to log in again with the new URL in place, but your prior username and password are unchanged and you can continue posting content.