How to Make a Website Lead Referral (Digital Services Referral Process for Publishers)


As a Member of the Locable Publisher Network, we can act as your Digital Services partner enabling you to offer digital solutions that you might not be able to offer otherwise.

What Can We Offer?

  1. Websites, powered by our simple and effective web platform for local marketing, cross-promotion,
    and impactful collaboration - Here's an overview of our websites for small businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations including what makes our approach and technology unique for them. Please note, we use a different platform for them than we use for local publishers as they have 'marketing sites' while you have 'content sites' i.e. they won't get a site like yours!
  2. Content Creation
  3. Listing Management
  4. Marketing Audits
  5. And More
Why Should You Care?
  • If they’re an advertiser, you have a moral obligation to ensure they get the most from their ads and if they have an ineffective website then their ads with you won't result in as many customers for them. When this happens it's easy for them to think that advertising with you "doesn't work". If they’re not an advertiser, then this gives you one more way to get them to sign up.
  • It strengthens your relationships with advertisers and makes your business more sustainable. Others are selling against you, selling against print, so this helps protect your core business.
  • You’ll earn a commission and begin to diversify your revenue streams.
  • When business use the Locable Marketing Platform, their business info and events are automatically made available for use in the Community Content Engine, which is the platform that powers your site, making it easier for you to build and manage your site.

Current Incentive Promotion

Get 30% commission on setup fees and added services (up from the standard 20%). You earn a commission and they literally pay less than working with a traditional web developer, which makes you look good plus more to spend on advertising!

How To Make a Website Lead Referral

This short video introduces two options, but below outlines the most popular approach for publishers which is simply to facilitate an introduction between Locable and your contact:

  1. Discuss the idea of a new website with the business (preferably by phone or in-person)
  2. Send email introduction using the template below
  3. Locable talks with the referred business and closes the sale - you earn a commission (see above for current incentive)

Email Introduction Template

***Please send to Locable's account management team [email protected] & the Client***

Subject Line: New Website Conversation for [Business Name]

Hello Locable and CLIENT!

CLIENT is interested in a new website for BUSINESS NAME, and I’ve mentioned your services.

CLIENT is an advertiser with us in PUBLICATION! So I wanted to introduce you two!!!

CLIENT meet Locable, Locable, meet CLIENT!!!