How to manually apply a payment to your Membership invoices

Learn how to manually apply a payment and other options available to manage membership invoices.

Available for the Coordinate plan on the Locable Marketing Platform

As your membership invoices are automatically sent to your active members, most of your members will pay the invoice online with a credit card using the link provided by Stripe. 

However, some members will choose to download or print their invoice and send in a check to pay the invoice. You will need to manually apply the payment to the outstanding invoice.

Applying a Payment

To apply an alternate payment to an outstanding invoice you will need to go to Memberships > Manage Memberships and open the appropriate membership.

From here, scroll down to view their invoices. You will then need to click the 3 dots to the right of the outstanding invoice, and then choose Add a Payment.

add a payment-1

From here, you can input the manual payment type, amount, and any notes you would like to make about the payment.

add a payment-2

Once you've completed the input, click Pay and the payment will be applied. 

NOTE: The details of the payment will be sent to Stripe so the invoice will be updated on their end as well.


Invoice Management Options

You have several options available to manage membership invoices in your Locable account. These are all accessed by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the invoice.

manage options