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Membership Management Reports
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Membership Management enhances our integrated CRM to add billing capabilities along with automated recurring payment processing and invoicing capabilities.

As your memberships grow, you have the option to view Membership Reports by going to Memberships > Reports in the left-hand navigation of your Locable account. You can also access reports by clicking Membership Reports while on the Managing Memberships page:

Report Options

We have created a few Membership report options for you.

Past Due Report

This report will display any accounts with past due balances, and break them down for you based on how overdue they are:

Upcoming Renewals By Month

This report will display all upcoming renewals by month, for the next year based on the current date, starting with the current month. It will indicate the total renewal fees due for each month, and will also indicate any current outstanding balances for each membership.

Collected Revenue By Month

This report will display all collected membership fees by month, for the last year based on the current date, sorted by membership type.

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