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Membership Management
Understanding Membership Management
Understanding Membership Management

Simplify both marketing and membership administration - including billing - save time, save money.

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Membership Management enhances our integrated CRM to add billing capabilities along with automated recurring payment processing and invoicing capabilities.

Our Sponsor recognition tools along with our Call-to-Action tools enable you to highlight internal programs and membership drives as well as display ads throughout your website - whether you have a website powered by Locable or any other platform.

Finally, Locable's Express Email Newsletter feature means you don't need a 3rd party email tool and can manage all of your marketing in one place, quickly - we mean to save you hours each and every week.

Membership Settings and Plans

Before you can begin automating the management of your Memberships, you need to define your membership settings and create your Membership Plans. This is done by going into your Account Settings > Membership Settings, accessed through the menu in the upper right-hand corner of your Locable account:

  1. Click on your company name in the upper right-hand corner of your account

  2. Click on Account Settings

  3. Open the Membership Settings

Your Membership Settings are broken into several parts:

Stripe Connection

Make sure your Stripe account is linked to your Locable account. If you are seeing this message, your account is not connected.

The Stripe connection is required for membership invoicing.

Member Links

The Login link can be shared with your Members, giving them the ability to create their login credentials for your Member Portal. The Member Portal allows members to manage their membership plan, update their business information, and post events, offers, and announcements.

This link can also be added to the navigation on your website if you like. This can be done by going to Website > Navigation Menus and clicking 'Add Member Login Buttons' in either the header or footer menu.

This offers your Members a quick link to the Member Portal right on your website. Once they are logged in, they can quickly access their Member Profile and make updates as needed. You can learn more about the Member Portal here.

NOTE: The login for the Member Portal requires a Website or Microsite powered by Locable. This is also strongly recommended as it optimizes the functionality of other tools within the Coordinate Plan, such as the Community Calendar, Directory, Job Board, and many others.

Membership Plans

In order to begin adding your Memberships to your account, you first need to Define your active Membership Plans. To do this, you would need to click 'Add Membership Plan'.

NOTE: This button will be deactivated until your Stripe account is linked to your account.

Learn more about Managing Membership Plans here.

Membership Resources

You have the option to include Membership Resources that are exclusively accessible to members upon logging into the Membership Profile section of your website.

Learn more about Membership Resources here.

Membership Settings

You may adjust the default settings for Memberships to suit the needs of your organization.

  • Define how soon before the renewal date an invoice is sent via email to the billing contact

  • Set your invoice due date. This defaults to the renewal date, however, you can choose to offer a due date past the renewal date, if you prefer.

  • Should a member not pay their fees by the due date, you have the option to have the system automatically deactivate the membership in a specific number of days.

  • Convert Member Profile - if selected, when the member logs into the Member Profile, if they have not yet claimed their free Locable account, we will prompt them to do so. This will allow them to manage their business details.

  • Show Locable Marketing Resources - if selected we will display links in the Member Profile area. When the member logs in they will have access to these resources.

  • Referral Discount Code - if you have a referral discount code from Locable, you can add it here to allow your members to accept that offer.

For more information, be sure to watch the recorded 28-minute Membership Management webinar.

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