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Understanding your Embed Tools
Understanding your Embed Tools

How to install the Locable Embed tools to your web pages

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Each page is comprised of one or more types of content: Hero, Content Block, Columns, Simple Text, and various Embed feeds.

Adding an Embed Tool to your web page

You can add a variety of Embed Tools to your web pages, depending on which of the Locable tools you are using - blog feeds, event calendars, forms, etc.

Once you have created your embed, you will need to go to Website > Manage Webpages to edit the page and add the Embed.

Click on the page you want to edit, and then click on the Embed option:

From here, you will choose which type of Embed you are wanting to install:

Once you select the type of Embed feed you are wanting to install, you will need to select which one from a list showing all options you have set up in your account. For example, if you have created several Directory feeds or several Forms, you will choose to identify which one should be displayed on this page.

Click 'Save Changes' on your web page to complete the installation of this Embed tool.

Once you Save this to the page, you will see which feed is embedded on the page:

NOTE: If you want to change which feed is embedded, you can adjust your choice by clicking the Settings 'gear' icon in the toolbar above this block (red box above). You can also move the feed to another place on the page by clicking and dragging the 'hamburger' icon on the left (red circle above). If you make any of these changes, be sure to again click 'Save Changes' to complete the changes to your web page.

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