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Understanding Category Use in Directories
Understanding Category Use in Directories

Managing Categories in a single directory while supporting your Local Connections™

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The Business Directory feature in Locable is one of many tools we offer to highlight your Local Connections™.

The free Engage Plan includes great options for cross-promotion while the Coordinate Plan offers advanced options and unlocks Tiered Directories.

Setting Categories in Directory Settings

Once you have created your directory, you can adjust the Directory Settings at any time. To do this, go to CRM > Local Business Directories and then click 'Manage' to access the Directory Settings. Here you'll be able to adjust the settings for the selected directory.

To create Categories within a single directory, click on 'Add New Category':

Then add a name for your Category. Continue to click 'Add New Category' and input names until all of your Categories have been created:

Once you have created all of your categories, you do have the option to adjust the order in which the categories will be displayed in the directory on your website. To do this click and drag the icon to the left of the category name.

NOTE: Once you are done with the input and organizing of your Categories, be sure to Save the changes to the Directory Settings.

After the updates have been saved, you will need to assign a Category to each business listing identified as a Source in the Directory.

NOTE: If you do not identify the category for the listing in your directory, it will default to a category called 'Other'. The 'Other' category will appear at the bottom of the directory on your website.

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