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Understanding Tiered Directories
Understanding Tiered Directories

Managing Tiered Directories while supporting your Local Connections™

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The Business Directory feature in Locable is one of many tools we offer to highlight your Local Connections™.

The free Engage Plan includes great options for cross-promotion while the Coordinate Plan offers advanced options and unlocks Tiered Directories.

Tiered Directory Options

Tiered directories currently display listings in a list view and enable you to have more granular control over how you show listings. This is incredibly useful in situations where you have multiple membership tiers and want to reward businesses that pay more with more prominence and details.

Tiered listings are only available in the Coordinate Plan.

Setting up a Tiered Directory

Here's a basic look at configuring your tiered directory with categories and Local Networks:

Open the Directory Settings by clicking CRM > Local Business Directories > Manage and mark the directory as Tiered. At this point, you will be able to manage/customize your tiers by clicking 'Manage Tiers'.

NOTE: You can manage tiers by clicking the Manage Tiers link on a directory or by clicking your business name in the top right corner > Account Settings > Directory Settings.

Managing Tiers

Once you click 'Manage Tiers', you can create your tiers by adding a label/name to each tier, and the define what will be displayed for each tier.

  1. Drag the tiers into the order you want them to appear

  2. Edit individual tier settings (see below)

  3. Add New Tiers

  4. Always click Save to update your Directory Tier Settings

  5. You can customize the CSS on your website using the CSS examples provided

Tier Settings

Once you have added the Tier Labels and clicked Save, click 'Settings' to define how each tier will be displayed in your directory. Click 'Close' to define the settings for the next Tier. Be sure to Save the changes once all Tier details have been set up.

Within a given Directory Tier, you can decide how and what information is presented

  1. You can choose to show listings alphabetically, randomly, or manually order them (you set the manual order in each directory)

  2. Decide which fields are visible in the directory - often, lower-level tiers won't show complete information

  3. Decide what people see when they click into a given listing - again, you may want to limit what's visible in lower tiers

NOTE: Not all of your defined tiers are required to be used in a directory and you can have a single tier if you simply want more control over the listing order on the public directory

Adjusting your Directory Settings once Tiers are defined

  • Each Tier can show results alphabetically, randomly, or in a manual predefined order - if the latter is selected you can Set Order here (if you add or remove a listing or Local Network you'll need to save the directory before reordering)

  • You have the option to show or hide the Tier Label publicly in your directory

  • Default Tier - this will set the default tier assigned to any new business added to your directory. You can always change their tier within the Directory Settings:

  • Within the Directory Settings, you will need to assign the appropriate tier to each listing.

  • Make sure to Save the changes to your Directory Settings once you've completed your input.

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