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Push Events from Locable to your Google Business Profile
Push Events from Locable to your Google Business Profile
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Creating & Distributing content is a key element of Locable's software and our Marketing 3-4-5™ approach.

Our integration with Google to enables you to push events in your Locable account to your Google Business Profile.

Pushing events is a one-click activity you can manage by clicking Events > Manage Events

When looking at your events on the Manage Events page you have a few options.

3. This shows you an event that can be pushed to Google by clicking the G Calendar icon

4. This enables you to unpublish events from Google - the event is still present in your Locable account

Note, events that have passed cannot be pushed to Google. Make all edits directly in Locable, if you edit an event directly in your Google Business Profile it will break the connection to Locable thereby edits made in Locable will no longer be reflected in your GBP account.

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