Tracking Event Registrations and Registrants

When using forms with event promotion to collection registrations you can track who registered for which events.

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Locable's event promotion tools are powerful. Locable's form tools are also powerful. Together, they're just awesome.

Event registrations combine a registration Form that has been added to an event you're promoting. This applies to both free RSVPs and paid attendees or paid tickets (note, Locable does not generate printable tickets however a PDF may be used as part of a Form Action).

Once you've started collecting registrants for an event, you can track registrations.

Things to know

  • Depending on your plan, you may have limited access to form and event registration tools. Learn more about what is included in each plan on our Pricing Page.

  • All form submissions are recorded in the integrated CRM and associated with the user who submitted the form (based on their email address). Existing users will be updated with the submission activity

Tracking Registrations & Attendees

Once you've started collecting registrations, you'll be able to view submissions through the event itself in addition to the standard form submissions section.

  1. You can filter registrants by event date (if applicable)

  2. Print out a list of registrants to aid with in-person registration and tracking

  3. You can find the basic registrant info with more detailed info see #7

  4. Notice the event date

  5. This is when they registered

  6. You can track attendance with the toggle

  7. Click in to see more info from the registrant, this is useful when your form is more detailed

You'll also be able to see which events people have registered for when viewing their Contact record in the CRM.

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