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Manage notifications from your Locable account
Manage notifications from your Locable account

Learn to adjust how and how-often you're contacted by Locable based on your account's activities.

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Your Locable account comes packed with marketing and communications features, in many cases there will be activities that warrant your attention or action.

This article explains the notification options, defaults, and how to adjust them to fit your needs.

Notifications are included in all accounts based on the features enabled. Notifications include both real-time notifications such as receiving an order or customer review and "Digest" emails that are sent at a defined interval. Learn more about what features are included in each plan on our Pricing Page.

Digest notifications include items that need attention such as: orders, customer reviews and feedback, event moderation (for community calendars), and form submissions.

Notifications are managed on a per user per account basis. This means that if you manage multiple business accounts you can configure the notifications you receive for each account independently. Likewise, if there are multiple users on one account each user can set their own notifications. It is important that each user has their own login, sharing logins is against our terms of service!

Managing your notifications

Access your Notification Settings by clicking your name in the top right menu > Notification Settings

  1. Locable offers an activities digest email that can be sent Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly or disabled and Never sent - this is meant to provide a simple managerial overview plus insights into anything that may have been missed

  2. You can choose your notification settings - if you'd prefer Push or Text notices, we want to hear it

  3. Each Form can have custom notification settings applied however you can set your defaults

  4. As you generate customer feedback and reviews, you can be notified

  5. When using the Storefront to sell products or gift cards, order notifications will alert you to new orders

  6. Newsletter notifications alert you to Express Email Newsletter sends and related activities

  7. Local Connections™ notifications alert you to changes in cross-promotion (more coming soon)

  8. Event Feed notifications apply to users that import events to promote from an existing 3rd party calendar

  9. Website onboarding notifications apply only to users building a website with Locable and working through our integrated website onboarding project management tool as comments are added or status changes.

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