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Use Form Actions for gated content and content downloads
Use Form Actions for gated content and content downloads
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Enabling your website visitors to download content or discounts in exchange for their email address is a terrific way to grow leads, email subscribers, and customers.

Access your forms by clicking Conversion Funnel > Forms.

In this article, you'll learn how to use Locable's forms tools to make content available for download on your website using Form Actions.

Things to know

  • Depending on your plan, you may have limited access to form tools. Learn more about what is included in each plan on our Pricing Page.

  • Web forms can be added to your website Powered by Locable through the webpage, blog post, or events directly. For websites on other platforms, you can use the Javascript or iFrame embed codes.

  • All form submissions are recorded in the integrated CRM and associated with the user who submitted the form (based on their email address). Existing users will be updated with the submission activity

When creating a form, you can define optional Form Actions.

Form Actions enable you to offer Content Downloads and more

Content downloads are a useful way to collect leads and grow your email subscriber base.

Alternatively, you may have a registration form and after someone submits the form you want to provide them with a PDF Release Form that they must sign and return... no problem.

Form Actions are defined on each form and have two components Display Content and Send Email.

  1. Add Form Actions to your forms

  2. Define the message that someone sees immediately after submitting your form

  3. Define the email someone receives after submitting your form

Define the message someone sees after submitting your form

This enabled you to show a custom confirmation message. You can use the text editor to apply light styling or even links.

You'll notice an optional button which is particularly useful if there's a related action someone must take or you want to make a PDF accessible here.

Define the email someone received after submitting a form

Here you define the details of an email sent starting with the reply-to email - this is where an email will go if someone clicks "Reply" to the confirmation email. It should be a real email address that someone on your team checks regularly.

The subject line should be very obvious and clearly connect to the form submission.

The message detail can be the same as that shown immediately after submitting the form or it can be more elaborate.

Notably, there is a PDF attachment option that enables you to choose from any PDFs available in your account to attach to the confirmation email. This is a nice option for the content download itself, a coupon, a vendor release form, or another PDF.

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