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Understanding Forms Tools and Form Submissions
Understanding Forms Tools and Form Submissions

This article serves as a jumping off point to learn all about web forms powered by Locable and ways you can use them.

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Locable's integrated Forms tools provide a range of uses to collect information from website visitors, event or vendor registrations, and even collect payments through your website.

Access your forms by clicking Conversion Funnel > Forms.

In this article, you'll learn about the basics of web forms and find links to multiple ways you can use web forms.

Things to know

  • Depending on your plan, you may have limited access to form tools. Learn more about what is included in each plan on our Pricing Page.

  • Web forms can be added to your website Powered by Locable through the webpage, blog post, or events directly. For websites on other platforms, you can use the Javascript or iFrame embed codes.

  • All form submissions are recorded in the integrated CRM and associated with the user who submitted the form (based on their email address). Existing users will be updated with the submission activity

Ways to use forms

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