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Creating and Managing Calls-to-Action (CTAs)
Creating and Managing Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

CTAs will make your website more effective, your Locable account makes creating and managing CTAs fast and easy.

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Calls-to-Action enable you to convert website visitors more effectively. With your Locable account, you can place zones on your website and then control which CTAs appear in which zones with just a few clicks.

If you haven't already, you'll want to start by creating Zones and you'll find the article here helpful. Then continue with the article below to create your CTAs.

Once you have a zone, you can create your CTAs by clicking Marketing Funnel > Calls-to-Action > Create CTA.

Creating a CTA

Like all tools in your Locable account, you'll want a descriptive title to help you stay organized.

Only "Active" CTAs will appear - this enables you to quickly hide CTAs that are no longer relevant.

The Display Type is where you set the type of CTA.

The Action is what you want to happen when someone engages.

You can set where this CTA will appear by choosing its associated zones. Note, if you add a new zone you would need to return to this CTA to add it to the new zone.

Page Targeting is an advanced feature and enables you to show the CTA on ONLY specific pages regardless of where else the zone appears i.e. you could have a zone on 5 pages but you only want the CTA to appear in that zone on 1 of the pages, you could target that 1 page.

Page targeting is an advanced feature and should be used sparingly.

Pro-Tip: Don't delete old CTAs. It will be helpful to see past CTAs or even re-enable them in the future if they performed well.

Designing your CTA

Locable's CTA tools enable you to upload your own graphics or use our CTA builder to quickly set something up without any design necessary.

Our CTA builder will ensure your CTA is mobile responsive and flexes to fit the available space without affecting readability.

The Default option enables you to build your CTA from scratch and it can include an image whereas the Image Only CTA is better suited for when you're using a custom graphic or using CTAs as a sort of ad server.

Add your text, colors, button CTA, and destination URL, etc. to customize your CTA.

NOTE: The CTA preview will only update once you save your work, it will NOT update as you make changes.

If your CTA is active and associated with an installed zone, any changes you make will become immediately available on your website.

CTA Analytics

Each CTA will provide you with basic statistics, notably monthly views and monthly clicks.

Analytics are tracked for each CTA but NOT each version so if you make changes it could be difficult to see how those changes affected engagement. Likewise, if you click on your own CTAs you will skew your statistics.

If you haven't already:

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