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Recognizing Sponsors on Your Website with Locable's Sponsor Embed Tool
Recognizing Sponsors on Your Website with Locable's Sponsor Embed Tool

There are many reasons to recognize sponsors on your website and content such as events, quickly show appreciation for those who support you

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Both businesses and nonprofits regularly have sponsors for their organizations, events, fundraisers, and more. As such, recognizing them on their website is important.

Our Sponsor Embed tool allows you to create a group of sponsors and embed them on your website or in an event listing to show all sponsor logos with links to their websites.

This article will walk you through setting up Locable's Sponsor recognition tool including:

  • Creating the sponsor recognition embed

  • Adding sponsors to it

  • Adding the embed to your entire website, a single webpage or an event

You can use this tool to recognize sponsor logos as either a grid layout or a carousel (slider). Depending on the situation, you may also want to use a directory to recognize sponsors on a dedicated page.

Like our other Local Connections™ tools, this Sponsorship embed leverages the data in your CRM for Companies and Causes which means sponsors must be added to your CRM - as you can see below, you can add them directly as a sponsor or through a few other channels.

Creating Your Sponsor Embed

Start by clicking CRM > Sponsors then Add Sponsors to create your first embed tool.

Here you can add a few initial settings - all of these can be changed later if necessary

  1. Name your embed - be clear and descriptive, if you create many of these it will help you stay organized

  2. Optional - add a public Header label, alternatively, you can add information to the page wherever you embed this.

  3. Choose between a static grid and a sliding carousel

  4. Select how many items to show on the grid or carousel, a lower number will show larger logos - note, all logos will be used - this must be an even number

  5. Paid accounts can hide Locable branding when embedding on 3rd party websites - Locable branding is hidden automatically on Locable-powered websites.

  6. Add sponsors on the next step after saving

Managing Sponsors in your Embed

Once saved, you manage the sponsors that are included.

  1. Add a Sponsor by clicking 'add a source' and selecting the company from those in your CRM. If the company is not already in your CRM, you will need to add it.

  2. Confirm the sponsor's logo is present in the CRM record. NOTE: If there is no logo, the company will not be displayed with the sponsors.

  3. Remove sponsors

  4. Save settings to apply any changes

NOTE: Deleting this embed will remove it permanently and any page it's been installed on will show an error message - be sure to uninstall it first. You can always save it for later without it being used.

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