There are some great automated tools in your Locable account to simplify marketing but we know some of the concepts are new so we'll try to address them in this article.

Local Connections™ is what we call all of our cross-promotion tools

You have relationships with local businesses and nonprofits and we want to help you support them and help them support you right back - automatically, for free!

The tools in your account that leverage Local Connections™ include:

Your account includes a CRM comprised of Companies & Causes i.e. businesses, nonprofits, clubs, and other organizations that you can support. We'll use these words interchangeably from time to time.

The CRM also includes Contacts who can be associated with businesses, they may be leads, customers, volunteers, email subscribers, or any combination therein.

Local Networks are groups of Companies & Causes

You may have certain businesses or nonprofits you want to use and reuse in the various tools listed above.

Learn more about using Local Networks here.

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