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Recommended Image Sizes - Sharing to Facebook, Google Business Profile & the Web
Recommended Image Sizes - Sharing to Facebook, Google Business Profile & the Web

There are a lot of questions about photo size, in general, use a large enough image and we'll handle the rest.

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Now that you know what pictures are important for your website and content, let's discuss the image types, sizes, and orientation.

Photos should be supplied in either JPG, JPEG, or PNG format unless specified otherwise.

Locable's software will process all images that are uploaded to create multiple versions for use in different places - as a result, we generally recommend images are at least 1200px wide and 1-5MB in file size. The maximum image size is 5MB.

Sharing to Google Business Profile

Our Google Business Profile integration allows you to push events to your profile, and to sync your Company Data, including the logo image and hero image in Company Data > Business Basics.

Google Business Profile images must meet these additional requirements:

  1. All photos must measure a minimum of 250px on the short edge, with a file size of at least 10240 bytes.

  2. These photos must be JPG or PNG.

Sharing to Facebook and Responsive Images

According to Facebook's support pages at the time of writing, they recommend "Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high-resolution devices."

If your image is larger that's fine, if the orientation is different then the image will be cropped.

While square and portrait images can be used, they simply don't give you as many options and often get cropped to fit the available space.

For instance, the hero image at the top of web pages, the main image on blog posts, event images, etc should all be landscape orientation. The hero, in this case, has different setting options and often will display slightly differently on different size screens as the page is responsive.

Sharing to Facebook

Also, if you find the wrong image is being displayed when sharing to Facebook you can have them recrawl your page by going to adding the specific URL and clicking Debug then rescrape.

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