Quickly collect event registrations by creating a form and posting an event with Registration enabled.

Please note, you can use a single form on multiple events or on recurring events and you'll be able to track registrants on a per-event basis.

Event Registrations Start with a Form

Before you start collecting registrations, you'll need to create a registration form with the integrated form tool.

There are a couple of things to note about forms created to use with Event Registrations.

  1. You'll see your standard list of required and optional fields - keep these to a minimum

  2. Here are available fields

  3. Your Name is to keep you organized

  4. For Event Registration, use the Form Only option

  5. We recommend you Display a confirmation message only, you'll see there are other confirmation emails that will be sent by the event registration later

  6. You can be notified of submissions just like other events

Note, if you have limited attendance, available you can limit the number of submissions.

Posting the Event with Registration Enabled

Once your form is created, you can post your event... if you're already posted your event, you can edit it and add the registration form.

As with all events, you'll choose the type of event, add title, image etc.

Event registration can be used on single events or recurring events, in fact, a single form can be used across multiple events where appropriate.

As you move down the page, you'll see a few relevant options.

  1. Manage recurring events, if your events don't follow a particular pattern or have varying start times then you may need to use our Clone Event feature to get things just right

  2. Marking an event as RSVP Required is just a label so people know what to expect

  3. Enabling Event Registration will expose additional settings (items 4-7) - Event registration requires a paid account

  4. Select the form you'd like to use

  5. Position the form either above or below the rest of the event information on the public-facing page - You can also pick background and text colors to display when the form is positioned Above

  6. We recommend you send confirmation and reminder emails - these will ensure registrants are reminded both 24-hours and 1-hour before your event

  7. Add a custom message to be included in the reminder emails, we'll also include other information from the event itself.

Here is an example of an event with registration enabled (red box added for emphasis):

Tracking Registrations & Attendees

Once you've started collecting registrations, you'll be able to view submissions through the event itself in addition to the standard form submissions section.

  1. You can filter registrants by event date (if applicable)

  2. Print our a list of registrants to aid with in-person registration and tracking

  3. You can find the basic registrant info with more detailed info see #7

  4. Notice the event date

  5. This is when they registered

  6. You can track attendance with the toggle

  7. Click in to see more info from the registrant, this is useful when your form is more detailed

You'll also be able to see which events people have registered for when viewing their Contact record in the CRM.

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