Locable's form builder tool is both powerful and easy to use - learn more about different form tool uses here.

More than that, all forms connect to the CRM in your account to keep track of your contacts and relationships.

Access your forms by clicking Conversion Funnel > Forms.

Things to know

  • Depending on your plan, you may have limited access to form tools. Learn more about what is included in each plan on our Pricing Page.

  • Web forms can be added to your website Powered by Locable through the webpage, blog post, or events directly. For websites on other platforms, you can use the Javascript or iFrame embed codes.

  • All form submissions are recorded in the integrated CRM and associated with the user who submitted the form (based on their email address). Existing users will be updated with the submission activity.

  • Like all of our tools, you can edit forms after they've been installed on your website without requiring you to reinstall the form.

Basic Form Layout Settings

When creating a form, you can select just the form or pick from a few different Layout options to enable the Instant Contact Page™ feature.

Form Builder Basics

You can make a number of adjustments to each and every form starting with what fields you include and what fields are required.

As a general rule, fewer fields result in more completions but, obviously, sometimes you need more information.

You can quickly create forms or take a couple of minutes to unlock more advanced features.

  1. These fields are currently in your form - you can adjust the label, make it required, reorder the fields, and add options (depending on field type).

  2. These are available field types. When you link your Stripe account to your Locable account, the Price field will be enabled. Learn more about accepting Form Payments

  3. Give your form a descriptive name so you can stay organized.

  4. Add an optional Heading to appear above your published form on your website.

  5. Choose your layout - a Standard form, an Instant Contact Page™, or an Email Subscribe form.

  6. Form Actions enable you to decide what happens when someone submits the form - showing content is HIGHLY recommended. Show a confirmation message, include an optional button to link to a follow-up action, and more. Learn more about using Form Actions here.

  7. Optionally send a submission confirmation email. This can restate the confirmation message or be completely different, you can customize your reply-to email address and subject line and email message.

  8. Add an optional PDF content download to be included with the confirmation email.

  9. Some forms have a limited number of submissions, especially when used for event registrations.

  10. Choose who gets notified when a form is submitted. Only users on your account can be notified - you can always add more users.

  11. Paid accounts can hide "Powered by Locable".

  12. Advanced settings enable you to add custom CSS and styles to your form.

  13. Forms can be embedded on any webpage. If your website is not powered by Locable then you'll need to grab the embed code. Otherwise, you can do it through our web builder.

Accessing Form Submissions

Once forms are submitted, you can access submissions on your dashboard or by clicking Conversion Funnel > Form Submissions.

Exporting Form Submission Data

If you need your submission data in a spreadsheet or to use with other tools, you can download your form submissions by clicking the download icon to the right of the form name on the Form Submissions page.

Forms can also be paired with events to enable you to collect and track event registration, learn more about event registration here.

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