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Creating & Managing Food Menus
Creating & Managing Food Menus
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Restaurants, caterers and other businesses need to feature their menu(s) on their website and a great option is included in Locable's Build Plan and up.

To manage your menus, click Online Storefront > Menus in the main navigation

From there, you can create and manage menus.

It's important to note, each menu can be added to your website through Menu Embeds.

Menu Embed Highlights

  1. Give your menu embed a name, this is only visible to you and useful for organizing things if you create multiple different embeds

  2. Select your layout - either show to the selected menu(s) or show a grid that links to a secondary menu

  3. Choose which menus to include. Sometimes you may want to show different menus on different web pages which would require multiple embeds.

Menu Embeds are available for each page through Locable's web-builder and you can add your Menu Embeds to a website not powered by Locable through the included Embed Code (item #4 above).

Managing Your Menu(s)

Each menu can include a range of information, images, sections, and items. As your menu evolves over time, simply add and remove items or sections to update your menus.

Notable Menu Highlights

  1. Menus can be created without being active, they must be active to be public

  2. Your menu name is for internal purposes only - perhaps, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Catering, etc

  3. Each menu can have a header image

  4. The description will appear above the menu

  5. Menus are comprised of one or more sections - Appetizers, Entrees, Kids Menu, etc. - and can have an image and description displayed at the top of the section

  6. Items belong to a section and include a name, price, optional image, and description

  7. You can track variations and additions as well as their impact on the price

  8. Nutritional information can be displayed adjacent to a menu item or you can create a separate menu specifically to delve into nutritional information

  9. An optional menu disclaimer can be added to the bottom of the menu

  10. Finally, don't forget to save your work often.

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