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Distributing Events to Local Publisher Sites
Distributing Events to Local Publisher Sites
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Locable offers tools to streamline event promotion and distribution in addition to technology for local media companies (magazines, newspapers, and community websites).

Events posted in Locable's marketing tools can be distributed to local media sites powered by our Community Content Engine (CCE) with a few limitations.

Recurring Event Patterns & Limitations

The event and calendar feature in our marketing tools offers a number of recurring event options while the media options are more limited.

Events posted with certain recurring patterns not supported on the media site will not be distributed.

The media platform currently supports weekly rules, monthly rules with a single day of the week selected. We don't currently support monthly rules with multiple days/weeks selected or monthly rules by day of the month.

Event Venue & Directory Listings

Events can use the business' location or an alternate venue. When distributed to CCE, the event will appear on the directory listing that serves as the venue NOT the business listing of the organization that posted the event, if they are different.

Recurring patterns and directory listing options will be expanded in the future.

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