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Add Coupons and Offers to Your Website - Embeddable Offers Board
Add Coupons and Offers to Your Website - Embeddable Offers Board
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Do you want to feature coupons or offers on your website?

Use our embeddable Offers Board to highlight Coupons and Offers posts (see Understanding Offers / Coupons for information about posting your offers / coupons posts).

This board can feature your Offers and / or Offers from your Local Connections™ (other businesses in your community that you support).

Offers will be displayed until their expiration date, if one is set, and they'll be displayed accordingly. If no expiration is set, then the most recently created offers will be displayed first.

Offers will automatically expire when there is a valid until date set. Offers without a valid until date set will remain published until it is unpublished or deleted manually.

Highlight special offers or coupons all on one board.

To Create Your Offers Board...

  1. Go to Offers

  2. Click Create an Offer Board or Add New Offer Board

  3. Or, go to Campaigns > Offer Board

  4. Name - Give your board a title - this will not be displayed publicly.

  5. Header (Optional) - This optional name will appear above the board.

  6. Enable Embed Search - Select yes if you'd like to include a keyword search bar.

  7. Businesses Per Page - Decide how many offers (10 to 50) that you'd like to appear on the page before paginating (rolling over to additional pages).

  8. Hide Locable Branding - Select this box if you'd like to hide the Locable branding.

  9. Save Settings - Click save to create your Offers board.

Embedding Your Board

  1. Go to Offers > click "Manage Offers" > and then click the board you'd like to embed.

  2. Go to the "Install" section and select/copy either Script Embed Tag or iFrame Embed Code - the Script version is preferred but some website builders will only allow iFrames.

  3. Embed it on your site, per your platform's instructions (for Locable sites, see Embedding Anything on Your Website).

See Understanding Offers/Coupons for assistance in posting your job/volunteer posts.

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