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Linking your Locable Account to your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)
Linking your Locable Account to your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business)
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Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is an important profile to claim for your business - it powers how you appear on Google Maps and provides a "Card" on search results when people search for you by name.

Your Locable account includes an integration so that you can sync your Name, Address, Phone Number, Website URL, and other factual information as well as distribute any events you post in Locable to appear in search results.

You can link a GBP profile you've already claimed or claim your profile straight through your Locable account.

To link Google Business Profile, click on Your Name (1) in the upper right-hand corner then Account Settings (1). On the left click Integrations (2). Then click Link Google Account (3) to authorize the connection with Google.

Once you click Link Google Account you will be asked to confirm access to Locable.

You must approve ALL of the permissions requested in order for Locable to be connected.

Click Continue to approve these required permissions.

NOTE: These are the permissions required for the Locable integration:

Finally, you'll need to select your business.

NOTE: You must sign in to Google with the email address associated with the Google Business Profile or use the one you want to claim your profile with if it's unclaimed. This does NOT need to be the same email used to sign in to your Locable account.

You may have many businesses/locations to choose from if you manage many profiles. If you don't have any locations but you are an owner/manager of a GBP listing, be sure that you used the correct email account to sign into Google.

If you don't currently have control over your GBP listing, you can click Add Business to start the process of creating a listing.

Syncing data between Locable and GBP

Once Locable is connected to your Google Business Profile profile we can keep information in sync.

Most of the synchronization happens in your Company Data (1) > Contact Information area. You'll see a label showing if the information in your Locable account Matches Google (2) or doesn't match.

There are a few options to explore related to Google Business Profile (3):

  • You can view the Map to see how your business appears.

  • You can see how you appear in search results.

  • You can pull information in from Google (this is rare and should be a one-time thing).

Whenever you update your information in Locable, click Save & Update Google (4) - Google generally reviews updates so there may be a delay of up to a couple of days whenever you make a change directly in Google Business Profile or with our integration.

A few benefits of connecting your Google Business Profile:

This integration enables you to make updates to basic business details in one place, rather than having to do so in Locable and with Google.

The connection allows you to access and respond to your Google Business Profile reviews through Locable in addition to displaying them on your website. Learn more about Google reviews in Locable here.

Also, as you publish events, you can sync those to your Google Business Profile. learn more about pushing events to your Google Business Profile here.

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