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Using your custom Shareable Sign-Up URL
Using your custom Shareable Sign-Up URL

Make it easier for your community to join you with your own sign up URL

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Any community using Locable to grow cross-promotion, collaboration and power things like our automated Community Calendar can now use their own custom shareable sign-up URL.

This special URL pulls in the organization's branding, participating business count, and an optional custom message to show local businesses and nonprofits that this is something for them - something for your community!

You can locate your sign-up URL by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner > Account Settings.

From there, you'll notice the Invites tab and the custom copy-able link.

Copy the link (see below, #1) to share on social media, in your email newsletters and more. You can also add a custom message (#2) to appear on the signup page. This is your chance to reinforce how important it is for every business to participate and support local.

This invite link can be combined with our standard Community Activation Process to maximize community participation and impact.

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