Selling online has become a top priority for local businesses

To support fast, easy, online transactions we've introduced our ecommerce tools with a specific focus on giftcards and featured products.

Start by adding products

To add products, click Orders -> Manage Products & Carts

Click Add a New Product (#1 below) then complete the fields.
Name - Give it a descriptive name (this also helps with SEO - search engines)
Image - Strongly recommended
Description - Can be short and sweet or more detailed
Price (number not a range) - If you have multiple versions you'll want to create multiple products to match
Product Type - This is a simple setting for products, giftcards or other types
Delivery Type - What sort of fulfillment options do you offer? Shipping, Pick Up, Delivery etc
Status - Products can be set as drafts, live or archived. Note, once a product has been sold it cannot be deleted only archived - this is to preserve historical data.

Images are strongly encouraged but not required. Likewise, we suggest you describe any product options and fulfillment details in the description.

You can always edit product information.

Connect with Stripe to Accept Credit Cards

Stripe is an industry-leading credit card processor with competitive rates. It only takes about 5 minutes to set up and there are no upfront fees - only transaction fees.

To link to Stripe (and set up your account if you don't have one) click Connect Your Stripe Account under Orders OR visit the top right dropdown > Account Settings > Integrations and click Link Account in the Stripe card.
If you don't have a Stripe account you can create one as part of the process.

Follow Stripe's prompts to Sign In or click Sign Up to create an account.
You'll be prompted to Connect My Stripe account and grant Locable access to pass product and pricing information to Stripe for processing - click to Connect.

Once linked, you'll get a confirmation and see a change in the Linked Accounts page - you can always remove Stripe or add it back in the future however if Stripe is disconnected your products will no longer be available for purchase online.

You can access your online store on your free Locable listing by clicking Company Profile -> Business Basics then the link near the top.

Adding products to your existing website will be available shortly.

Then click Shop and see your shopping cart.

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