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Inviting Local Connections™ to Participate and Support You Back
Inviting Local Connections™ to Participate and Support You Back
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Supporting your Local Connections™ through our automated tools is great but it's even better when they participate too.

When a business owner claims their Locable account they can do a few important things:

  1. They can ensure their information is correct and appears as desired on local directories - including yours ;)

  2. They can support you back with directories, calendars and more on their website.

  3. They can use other free and affordable tools from Locable to market their business

Fortunately, inviting your connections is easy... in fact, there are a few ways.

Option 1

If you setup businesses for your directory or other embeds you can invite the business owner. Click Local Connections™ in the menu then Companies & Causes. Find the business and click, Invite

Then simply complete the form - if the owner is already included as a People contact you can find them in the dropdown.

If the business is already Claimed you won't need to invite them.

Option 2

If you're looking at a Company record, you can click the Invite button. Again, if it's claimed already it will say so.

NOTE: we recommend you setup your directory first so that any updates they make are reflected on your website.

Option 3

Share your custom invite link with them - add it to any email you send or even to your signature, share to social media, etc. Learn more about this Shareable Link.

As always, if you have questions or need help shoot us a message.

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