Galleries provide a lot of flexibility when it comes to showing off visual content and the gallery content type in Locable is both powerful and easy to use.

We'll show you two different ways to use galleries accomplish different things however in all cases your gallery should have a descriptive main content (written description) so that Google and Facebook will know what the content is about.

It's also important that each image in a gallery have a description, it can be as short as a phrase or as long as a few sentences. Feel free to be specific or identify specific products, people etc in the picture. This will help you maximize your search engine results.

In this case, you may want to highlight specific images and concepts that are a core part of your business. You can add a link to the "Gallery" in the navigation and thus it is very prominent.

In this example, the gallery will still be included in the default blog feed and has a direct link option to the main gallery and individual pages for great SEO and shareability.

Gallery Use Case 2 - Marketing Content Post, Added to Service Pages as Supplemental "Portfolio" Content (more common)

This use case is more common and more powerful. Most local businesses have pages on their website that highlight particular services they offer. These pages are well served to include Marketing Content that demonstrates said service in action or recent projects completed.

In this case, you'll continue to post new Galleries (and other content) as you complete projects and when you add a configured Content Feed to a page the new gallery will automatically appear and provide relevant and related content to your otherwise static page.

If you have any questions about setting this up properly be sure to contact us through the help center when managing your account.

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