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Sharing content to social media channels is a great way to increase your reach and drive website traffic, it also helps you rank higher on search engines (part of SEO).

Sharable content is also great for your website visitors, when they share your content then you know you're onto something.

It's recommended that you understand the Advanced Social Media and Search Engine settings available to you in Locable and that you set them to control how your content appears.

So, how do you share your content and website pages?

When initially creating content in Locable (does not include pages) you have the choice to publish to a linked Facebook page, this is a one-time share and you can learn more about content here.

You can also manually share links to your website or marketing content by selecting the link then visiting your Facebook page for instance and pasting the link in. Add a custom note to maximize engagement (it should feel like a real person wrote it and it should be different from your description) - you'll then see a preview appear.

Manually Sharing Content - Getting the URL

You can right click and select Copy or press ctrl+c on a PC or command+c on a mac to copy the url once it's selected.

Create your post

Add Social Sharing with or is a free service that allows you to add social media tools, most notably the sidebar share options.

Visit to create your free account and get an embed code to add social media icons to all of your pages. Once added, you can click on a page or content to share it to any social media channel as can any visitor to your site.

Alternatively, is a service you can use to add social media sharing and other tools to your site as well. It also has paid options.

In both cases you'll want to visit Manage Website > Meta/SEO then add the code they provide to HTML Head Injection like you see below:

When you save the code should appear throughout your site.

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