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Understanding the Role of Business Blogging in Local Marketing
Understanding the Role of Business Blogging in Local Marketing
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What is a Business Blog? How is it different from managing my website?

"Business Blogging" or "Content" or "Posts" is critical because it gives you a chance to share various examples of activities, projects, relationships, and more from your business.

It's important to note, blogging is a separate activity from managing your website because you want your marketing messages to reach far beyond your website, to share them on social media, email newsletters, and to your Local Connections for example.

Locable's content tools can be used with any website on any platform!

In many Content Management Systems, the 'blog' is synonymous with managing your website however they don't properly account for the purpose of a website for a local business, organization, or group. 

That purpose is to drive customers, advance a mission or simply engage the community.

If you're looking for content ideas, check out Marketing Missions for inspiration and guidance, and be sure to activate the content module.

It's true, Content created in Locable is completely and natively incorporated into the Locable website builder and can be used throughout your site thanks to the Content Feed Component (learn more about adding content to different pages of your website).

Content Types Provided by Locable

To streamline the process of creating content and reduce the "design overhead" we've broken content into multiple types which can be created at any time under the Content Bar navigation option.

You can access your existing content to make edits by clicking Business Blogging. Likewise, you can access all of the images uploaded to your account or upload images in bulk by clicking Media Library > Images or PDFs.

Each content type has unique data that is required or available. For instance, an event requires the most data including date, time, and location, in addition to a title, description, optional image, etc.

All post types feature an Advanced section to further control publish date/time, the Meta/OG Description and Image, as well as categorization.

Is there another content type you'd like to see? Let us know.

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