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Turning a Hero into a Carousel/Slideshow
Turning a Hero into a Carousel/Slideshow
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The Hero content type is quite flexible and can be converted into a carousel (some call it slideshow) quite easily.

By default, the Hero has a single slide however if you click the + icon on the left you can add additional slides up to a total of 6.

Each slide is completely configurable on it's own with it's own background image, foreground image, title, subtitle even colors. 

The example below shows how to quickly add a new slide and incorporate content. As with the rest of the page elements some custom design component may not appear in the admin section as it does on the live website.

To reorder the slides, simply click on the square for the slide you'd like to move and drag it to where you'd like it to appear.

To remove a slide entirely, simply click the Trash icon on the orange toolbar to the right.

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