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Adding Social Media Profiles to Your Locable Account
Adding Social Media Profiles to Your Locable Account
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Add Social Media Profiles to your account have the icons and links appear in your on Locable listing, any Instant Contact Page... they'll also appear on your website if it's powered by Locable.

First, start by adding your active profiles.

Click Company Profile > Social Profiles and add your various profiles and scroll to the bottom to save the changes.

Make sure they work, you'll see the preview URL below - copy and paste that into your browser to make sure there are no typos.

Note: if you don't actively post or share to your social media profile(s) then don't add them, there is no value in that.

Now that the profiles are in your account, they will appear on your Locable listing, your contact page, and your website footer if you have your website with Locable.

If you have a website powered by Locable and want to add the profiles to your header there is one more step.

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