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Understanding Content Blocks
Understanding Content Blocks
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Each page is comprised of one or more types of content: Hero, Content Block, Columns, Simple Text, and various Embed feeds.

Content Blocks are one of the most flexible and diverse options available, simply cycle options by clicking the right or left arrow in the appropriate toolbar. With Content Blocks the options include:

  • 50% image / 50% text - you can alternate images right or left

  • 70% text / 30% image - again you can alternate images right or left

  • Full-width text

  • Full-width image / embed

  • Include a title or omit it, the system adapts as necessary

NOTE: To add additional blocks to a page, click on any one of the desired blocks at the bottom of the page.

Below you can see an example of cycling through the options to arrive at a design and presentation that works for you.

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