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Managing Customers Reviews and Adding Reviews to Your Website
Managing Customers Reviews and Adding Reviews to Your Website
Collecting and promoting customer reviews is a powerful marketing activity and your Locable account makes it easy.
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Requesting customer reviews from clients as well as volunteers, donors, and more is important and it's easy to manage.

This article includes:

  • Managing reviews

  • Managing review notifications

  • Editing review details & replying to a review

  • Display reviews on your website

  • Adding your own unverified reviews

You can easily request customer reviews with just an email address - read more about this process here.

Access your existing reviews, requests, settings, notifications, and Review Widgets by clicking Feedback & Reviews > Manage Feedback & Reviews.

  1. Your Reviews will appear first and you can see publish status, edit publish status, and edit review details to affect how it is displayed.

  2. Here you'll see the Pending Requests, i.e. you've sent a request but they haven't yet replied. They will receive additional requests in the series if they do not respond (they could get a total 3 automated requests if they do not respond.)

  3. Private Feedback has to do with the initial email feedback click and will include any poor feedback where a review is not collected
    NOTE: If a customer only submits the initial feedback score/number rating and does not continue to the next page and leave a review, their input will fall under Private Feedback.

  4. The Request Setting will allow you to define what feedback score is required to continue and request a review. You can also define what review rating is required to automatically publish the review (or you can require all reviews to be moderated).

  5. Manage your customer review and feedback notifications (learn more about managing notifications here).

  6. Manage how you display reviews on your website through Review Widgets.

Edit Review & Reviewer Details, Add a reply

You can see and edit certain attributes associated with the review.

  1. See the reviewer and their feedback information

  2. Associate the reviewer with a company if this is a B2B review

  3. Business Lines enable you to group reviews. For instance, if you run a restaurant you may want to show Catering reviews together on the catering page so the business line would be "catering"

  4. You can set the relationship type to further group reviews. You may want to show Volunteer reviews on the Volunteering page, for instance

A customer review is just the beginning, you may often want to reply to a review to add more context, show appreciation, or address a concern.

Now, when editing a review, you have the option to Reply to Review and display your reply on your website like the example below.

Managing the Customer Reviews Widget

Create a customer reviews widget to display reviews on your website. If your website is powered by Locable, you also automatically show all reviews at

  1. Give your widget a name - this is useful in keeping things straight when you have many widgets

  2. Choose between a few different layouts

  3. Filter to show reviews based on their association with your Business Lines

  4. You can also specify reviews by Relationship Type - Please note, if all relationship types are selected and a review is not categorized with any relationship type then it will not appear i.e. leave blank in the widget to show reviews of all relationship types

  5. Paid Locable accounts can hide Locable branding

  6. Reviews Widgets like all of Locable's tools can be added to websites we don't power by copying and pasting the Embed code from your account into your website. We recommend the Javascript option for flexibility however some website platforms only support iframe embeds.

Add Unverified Reviews

Sometimes you get a customer review or testimonial through email, a social media post, or other channels that don't use the built-in review generation process.

Now you can add these reviews as unverified reviews to appear on your website - verified reviews, by comparison, have used our review generation process to verify their email address or have been verified by a 3rd party like Google.

To add an unverified review, click Feedback & Reviews > Manage Feedback & Reviews then click the Manually Add Review button.

From there, add the reviewer details along with the review itself.

At that point, it will appear along with other reviews in your Customer Reviews Widgets.

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