In order to make Locable as useful as possible we don't set any limits to the number of users or administrators that can help in running your account.

Owner or Manager?

An account Owner has full access including the ability to add or remove users. Managers have full access to manage content and marketing activities but they cannot add or remove users.

To manage users click Account Menu in the upper right corner then Manage Users then click Add a New User or delete existing users.

Once you add a user an email is sent to them alerting them that they've been added and prompting them to create a password to login.

What if the invitation is not received or they forget how to sign in?

No problem.
You can always resend the invitation, you'll see a link to do so on the page above.

Alternatively, on the sign in page they can simply click the links below the form to resent the confirmation email (the invite) or reset their password (Forgot your password?)

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